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15 Nov 2012

We know some gamers have an interest in off-spec or transmogrification loot, and we'll take into account upcoming alterations for the system to support people wants. However, we?ˉre not sure in essence that Raid Finder is the greatest avenue for getting that loot. You should either want to get it from another player who basically wants it for their principal spec, or maybe a conversation would need to acquire spot to be sure that no one else required it more than you do. In other words, you'll really have to prevent men and women from just rolling Desire whenever they may. I?ˉve viewed some ideas that we help a possibility for basically ?°I?ˉm completely happy to get loot further than exactly what my foremost spec can use,?± and perhaps that?ˉs the sort of approach we could acquire, but let?ˉs make certain the fundamental pattern works very first. For now, there can be other avenues, this sort of as dungeons, faction equipment, ordinary raids or more mature information to supply off-spec or cosmetic gear.

Here is a model I?ˉve experienced many people say they want:

The manager dies.
I get the particular product or objects I want.
I rarely should come back and destroy this manager once again.
I politely check with Blizzard when there will be new articles for me to run.

I added that, rather tongue in cheek, to stage out the intent from the new technique isn't really to generate killing bosses or getting loot a lot more successful, or to enable you to pick out buffet-style which things you obtain. We like random loot being random, provided that it isn?ˉt so frustratingly random that you simply quit experiencing the encounter. The intent for the new loot program is really to alleviate social strain on the group of random and anonymous strangers. We consider it's sensible for teams of friends, such as the normal raiding guild, to have a discourse about how to divvy up loot. That debate is actually a experimented with and accurate RPG tradition heading back again to D&D or earlier. We don?ˉt presume that may be a fair expectation for Raid Finder, though.

The personal loot technique will initially be used for Raid Finder and for world bosses. We want to use it for world bosses because we want it to be fairly easy to form PUGs to require down these bosses when they're up. If my raiding guild is about to choose over a world manager, and some lonely hunter is asking to join the group (it?ˉs always a lonely hunter, isn?ˉt it?), it would be nice to be able to bring him on without worrying about that jerk taking loot away from me or my pals. We want to foster a ?°the far more the merrier?± attitude with world bosses.

This is why it?ˉs so important to us the size within the team shouldn?ˉt matter. We don?ˉt want guilds to try to eliminate a world boss with the smallest number of players necessary in order to maximize loot per participant. When everyone has their own chance at loot, why not make the group as large as you can? Note that you simply still ought to be a member with the group that taps and kills the boss. We want to possess a little bit of competition for world manager kills, especially between the Horde and the Alliance. We assume that is part of your fun of world bosses; otherwise, why not just stick the gronn in a cave? (That sounds dirtier than I intended.) We don?ˉt want everyone in the zone to obtain credit just by lurking around. We want you to cooperate with other gamers, and we?ˉre trying to remove barriers to cooperation by eliminating loot drama.
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